In terms of apartment finishing and renovation we provide the following services.
For your convenience, we divided them into individual thematic blocks. Basically, there is no such thing which we are not able to do.

Painting, decorations

One-coat white painting of walls and ceilings
Two-coat color painting of walls and ceilings
Surface priming for painting and plastering
Painting doors and windows
Painting with oil-based paint
Removing wallpaper
Hanging wallpaper
Painting heaters (ribs)
Painting pipes
Painting handrails/railings
Stripping paint from wooden surfaces
Repairing walls
Mounting internal stucco
Wall scraping
Sealing with silicone or acrylic


Straight suspended ceilings
Multilevel suspended ceilings, irregular shapes
Raising plasterboard walls on a frame
Mounting plasterboard with an adhesive
Mounting plasterboard on a frame
Sound insulation of walls
Attic thermal insulation
Housing cables and pipes with plasterboard
Filling plasterboard joints

Glaze Terracotta Gres Tiles

Removing old glaze and terracotta
Preparing walls for laying tiles
Laying glaze with grouting - large tiles
Laying glaze with grouting - small tiles (10x10)
Laying terracotta with grouting
Laying gres tiles with grouting
Mounting cut plinths
Mounting finished plinths
Grinding glaze corners at 45°
Grinding gres corners at 45°
Grinding mosaic at 45°
Laying decor
Drilling or cutting holes within glaze
Drilling or cutting holes within gres tiles
Drilling or cutting holes within mosaic
Laying mosaic on a grid
Constructing shelves with tile finishing
Grouting with epoxy grout

Construction and Brickwork

Demolition of brick walls, including removal of rubble to a container
Demolition of ferroconcrete and concrete walls
Laying walls of blocks or bricks
Plastering walls and ceilings
Skimming walls and ceilings
Self-leveling compounds
Traditional cement leveling
Hacking off old plasters
Hacking off concrete floor
Drilling piping into walls
Laying luxfer tiles
Laying clinker bricks
Installing ventilation grilles
Door removal
External door installation
Internal door installation
External windowsill installation


Laying carpet flooring
Laying floor panels
Laying mosaic
Laying new PCV floor-covering
Laying parquet floors with sanding and two-coat varnishing
Sanding parquet floors with varnishing
Installing baseboards
Mounting thresholds
Stripping parquets
Stripping PVC tiles
Stripping floor-coverings

Water and Sewage

Executing water and sewage systems
Installing bathtubs
Installing shower cubicles
Installing sinks and bidets
Installing wading pools
Installing built-in taps
Installing exposed taps
Installing rainshowers
Installing built-in shower systems
Bathtub housing
Wading pool housing
Valve installation
Installing built-in frames for wc, bidets and sinks
Installing trench drains

Electric installation

Performing electrical points
Mounting outlets and switches
Mounting lamp lightings, halides
Installing fuse boxes
Installing electric stoves
Installing intercoms and in-house video telephones
Mounting phone and RTV outlets


Transporting materials