Construction of wooden houses

Our company offers timber frame houses as well as houses made of wooden logs (rectangular and square).

Framed system

The frame construction is developed according to the design. Our walls, from the exterior cladding, are constructed as follows:
• Corrugated styrofoam (thickness in accordance with the project), fixed on the starting trim
• Vapor-permeable membrane
• OSB plate 12 mm, attached to the frame
• Wooden frame (compatible with the project), reinforced with brace struts from construction beams
• Mineral wool insulation in accordance with the projects min. λD – 0.039 [W/mK] (in a staggered pattern), additionally sewn to the construction (to prevent slipping of wool)
• Vapor barrier film, tightly fastened
• OSB plate 12 mm
• wooden/metal grate for installation lines
• final interior cladding (gypsum boards/wainscoting/upholstery plank)

Houses of wooden logs

We construct houses of wooden logs with a thickness and diameter depending on the customer’s preferences. The standard execution consists of a log with a thickness of 12 cm. Our main motto while constructing wooden log houses is, primarily, TRADITION. When bonding the logs we do not use any nails, everything is combined with wooden pins driven through manually. Furthermore, we do not apply “carpenter” (metal) connectors, everything is linked via real carpenter jams. Construction of the walls, looking from the outside, is+ as follows:
• wooden log
• spacer
• vapor-permeable membrane
• frame for mineral wool
• mineral wool
• vapor barrier film
• installation grate
• log imitation or paneling