Why us :

“There will always be someone who will do it cheaper! But with what effect...?”

Our company was found with focus on customers who:

  • appreciate top-tier quality finish
  • value their time and peace of mind and thus entrust the entire work to professionals in this field

What distinguishes us is - most of all- a comprehensive range of services, but also:

  • trust and confidence - 2 years warranty
  • saving of time - all services found in one place
  • renovation is sheer pleasure - highly professional and friendly service 
  • financing is so easy - mobile Loan Advisor at your disposal

Our qualifications:

Our company consists of people who have been operating on the construction industry for over a dozen or even several dozen of years. Each of our crews operates under a Construction Manager who supervises the quality and reliability of performance at all times.

Besides renovations and finishes we also specialize in constructing houses out of wood and wooden logs. More information on the topic can be found at Houses made of wood.

Our Advisors have an abundance of experience. Thanks to their commitment and knowledge, more than 600 customers have already obtained funding for the purchase of an apartment or a house.